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Can I Buy CBD Gummies in Australia?

Lexie Livingston
December 14, 2021

CBD gummies Canada have grown very popular in recent years with the passage of the Canadian Cannabis Act in 2018. Adults 19 years of age and older can now use hemp and marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes (18 in Alberta and Quebec). This cleared the way for mainstream acceptance as a natural health product with several CBD gummies benefits being studied, such as anxiety relief and pain relief. There are even ongoing studies on the benefits of CBD gummies for kids.

However, not all countries have similar freedom with regards to CBD. One such country is Australia. Here, we’ll look at the legality of CBD, specifically CBD gummies, in Australia.


Is CBD Legal in Australia?

CBD oil has been allowed in Australia since 2016, yet the only CBD products currently accessible are Schedule 4 medications. This means that there are CBD gummies for sale in stores as they can only be purchased lawfully through a doctor's prescription. Each person will need to visit with a healthcare professional to obtain a specific CBD gummies dosage.

Low dosage isolate only CBD products have been downgraded to Schedule 3 by the TGA. Schedule 3 CBD products need to be listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) first, and there are currently no goods accessible for purchase in this category due to their restrictions. This implies that people who want to get CBD, even CBD gummies for pain, will still require a doctor's prescription and will have to go through the Schedule 4 process.

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods does not list CBD products. As a result, clinicians must submit a Special Access Scheme (SAS) application to the TGA in order to get permission for each patient. Approval is normally granted for a period of 12 months.


Where are CBD Gummies For Sale in Australia?

In Australia, CBD gummies are quite hard to come by. Due to the fact that medical cannabis has only been legal in Australia for a short time (since 2016), there is only a limited selection of products available. These items are frequently overpriced. Consequently, many Australians are opting to buy CBD online rather than using the present legal means.

Some CBD suppliers in Europe and the United States are willing to export to Australia, though. Many of them guarantee that their CBD orders will be delivered on schedule. Despite this, certain products are forbidden from being imported and may be seized by the Australian Border Force upon arrival.


Is it Legal to Purchase CBD Gummies Online in Australia?

No, it isn't. Despite this, a large number of Australians still buy CBD oil using this method. Some products even come with an "official" effectiveness certificate. These CBD gummies for sale are often a waste of time and money, since such products have often been proved to be of low quality and are inconsistent with their ingredients. This means that the CBD gummies benefits are not always guaranteed, even if you purchase the same product from the same retailer.

For more information on the legality of CBD in Australia, click here.


CBD Gummies Canada VS Australia

Fortunately for Canadians, CBD is currently legal for medical and recreational use, with no prescription needed, since October 2018 (as long as you are of legal age). To be able to operate in the Canadian market, legal cannabis comes with stringent regulations and a lot of legal hoops to jump through. As a result, many enterprises based in Europe and the United States are no longer available in Canada.

Canada's hemp-growing restrictions are among the strictest and most expensive in the world. In order for hemp to be properly cultivated, extracted, sold, and acquired in Canada, an industrial hemp processing license is necessary. Hemp remains a controlled substance, and it must follow rigorous laws in order to be marketed under the Canadian Cannabis Act, which legalized hemp.

This act:

  • Allows the production of CBD products to be done legally.
  • Establishes stringent product safety and quality standards.
  • Increases public awareness of a variety of health risks.
  • Deploys efforts to protect children and clients under the age of 18.

Health Canada, like the US Food and Drug Administration, regulates the production of hemp-related products. Infractions of the Act can result in hefty fines, but Health Canada will usually allow time to comply. The good news, however, is that the act safeguards the quality, which standardizes the CBD gummies effects.


What Makes a Good CBD Gummy?

The Canadian Cannabis Act allows for restrictions and regulation of CBD gummies Canada.  However, despite current laws in place, the CBD gummies for sale often come with scams and fraudulent products. To help avoid being caught in a scam, here is a list of things to consider before purchasing.

Hemp Source:

It is critical to analyze the hemp source when considering a CBD gummy. Because the grade of hemp used determines the CBD gummies benefits, it is the most important aspect to consider while making a selection.


If the CBD oil you're consuming isn't strong enough, you won't experience any effects. Potency is another important feature to consider when looking for the best CBD gummy. The potency of a substance is governed by both its volume and concentration, resulting in a CBD gummies dosage.

Although you may alter your dose based on the oil's potency, it's still best to choose high-potency oils to cut down on the quantity needed. CBD 10mg gummies are a pretty standard dose, however, there are various strengths available. CBD gummies 60 mg are often used by those seeking relief from chronic conditions.


If the CBD gummy includes any other components, they must be pure and allergy-tested before being used. Whether full-spectrum or not, a bad CBD gummy will include dangerous compounds or induce undesired side effects.

Most full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain include additional ingredients, such as terpenes. They’re meant to work in tandem with the CBD to enhance the efficacy (enhance the pain relief). It's worth noting, though, that you could be allergic to one of the ingredients and have a reaction. This is why it is always suggested to speak with your healthcare professional prior to adding CBD into our routine.

Lab Results:

It's possible that companies will include low quality ingredients and chemicals into their products. Third-party findings provide an accurate assessment of the efficacy, safety, and reliability. If a company fails to provide test results, the CBD gummies effects can not be traced back to the content and quality of ingredients. If you are looking for CBD gummies for anxiety, it’s best to know the ingredients, as certain chemicals and additives can actually make anxiety worse.


In addition to third-party lab findings, other important aspects of a company must be stated. They must be transparent and truthful about their brand's history, internet reputation, and website content. Everyone should have access to all pertinent information about supply networks and procedures.

Company Experience:

It doesn't matter how amazing the CBD oil in a CBD gummy is if it's too pricey, inaccessible, or tastes horrible. It's vital to think about the purchase experience while picking the best CBD gummies for sale.

We looked into the return policy, the flavor, the cost, and the delivery rules, among other things. A business that can't fulfill a wide variety of requirements can't meet the needs of its consumers.


Our Top Recommendations for CBD Gummies

Birch + Fog is one of the best places to go for CBD gummies, as they are authorized for the Canadian market and only sell verified third-party tested, high-quality CBD oil products. Birch + Fog’s entire online store is carefully organized into separate categories that cater to your individual needs. Individual products may be found through categories based upon the  CBD gummies benefits, such as sleep, pain, and anxiety.

Whether you are seeking high-potency with CBD gummies 60 mg, or smaller dosing with CBD 10mg gummies, our online store has it all. Each and every product comes with the Birch + Fog guarantee!


1 Wine CBD Gummies | Yummy Vegan Gummy

Yummy Vegan is one of our favorite brands for CBD gummies Canada. They offer gummies that are strictly vegan, gluten-free, and GMO free. In addition, they are also THC free. Being made of high-quality CBD isolate as the main ingredient, these gummies will provide relief from pain, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping, with no chance of any psychoactive effects. They are the preferred CBD gummies for anxiety due being made with CBD isolate.

According to customers, their favorite flavor is wine, which is a juicy, vino flavor. They also come in lemonade, sour, and avocado. Available in CBD 10mg gummies and 20mg gummies, each package consists of 10 pieces.

A recommended starting CBD gummies dosage is 1 piece (10mg) with a suggestion to wait 45 minutes before taking more.


  • Customer favorite flavor
  • CBD 10mg gummies
  • 1 piece is ideal starting dose


  • May take up to 45 minutes to feel the CBD gummies effects


  • Vegan and free from GMOs, gluten, and THC
  • 10 pieces per package


2 CBD Gummies Sour Squares | MOTA

MOTA is another customer favorite in Canada. They also provide vegan gummies, however, they are not certified vegan due to being produced in a facility that also produces dairy/milk. Made with premium CBD isolate, these sour candies will make your mouth pucker and crave more. They are the ideal CBD gummies for pain, anxiety, and depression. You’ll feel calm, comfortable, and focused in less than an hour.

The recommended CBD gummies dosage is 1 square (20mg) and each package contains 15 gummies. It is always suggested to wait 45 minutes prior to taking more. With an overall 4.8/5 customer rating and 100% of buyers recommending this product, these are the real deal!


  • 4.8/5 customer rating
  • 15 pieces per bag
  • Standard dose of 20mg per square


  • Vegan is not verified


  • High-quality CBD isolate
  • 100% customers recommend it



CBD oil has been allowed in Australia since 2016, however, the only legal way is to first obtain a prescription from your doctor. This makes it fairly difficult to purchase CBD gummies for anxiety or pain without spending additional time and money on appointments.

Fortunately, CBD gummies Canada can now be purchased for both medical and recreational use, with no documentation from a healthcare provider needed (as long as you are of legal age). Despite regulations in place, there will always be counterfeit CBD products and scams. To help alleviate these concerns and to help you purchase a high-quality CBD gummy, it is always recommended to review third-party lab results in addition to the other factors listed in this article.

Birch + Fog guarantees their products to be made from the most naturally obtained hemp in the country. Their third-party findings demonstrate the CBD gummies effects, the safety, and also dependability. In addition, they have clearly labeled their products to better assist the customer in choosing the correct product. Our online store provides a smooth and effortless shopping experience.



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