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Is Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Any Good?

Lexie Livingston
October 28, 2021

The simplest way to answer is a resounding YES! Holland & Barrett is one of the most well-known and trusted CBD natural health product brands in the United Kingdom.

Who is Holland & Barrett?

Holland & Barrett has a long history in the industry, with over 145 years of experience. They are a well-known and dependable corporation throughout the UK. Being one of the first major retailers to carry CBD oil products in January 2018, they now operate more than 1,600 stores worldwide in addition to a rapidly expanding e-commerce business. Their chosen brand is Jacob Hooy (a Dutch company). Bottles of CBD for anxiety, sleep, and pain were flying off the shelves in a matter of weeks when CBD frenzy finally hit Britain.

Holland & Barrett now carries CBD products from over 15 different companies, however they often only carry a few items from each brand rather than the complete portfolio. The only apparent exception is Jacob Hooy, which does not appear to have its own website and appears to distribute its products through Holland & Barrett.

Jacob Hooy, Holland & Barrett's heritage brand partner, has been in business for almost 270 years and has even been named Purveyor to the Royal Household. Jacob Hooy supervises the entire manufacturing process, from seed to shelf, to assure fully traceable, high quality full spectrum CBD that is suitable for vegans.


What does the Research Say?

Jacob Hooy CBD oil from Holland & Barrett is a very high-quality product. We can confirm that the product has the declared level of 5 percent CBD and that the THC concentration is below the legal limit based upon test findings from three independent labs. Because of differences in facilities and testing methodologies, the results vary slightly from lab to lab, but this variation is within the scientifically acceptable range for accuracy.

The second lab report also showed that no heavy metals, such as arsenic, mercury, lead, or cadmium, were found in Holland & Barrett's CBD Oil.  Independent third-party laboratories analyze each product for quality and consistency.

CBD natural health products are used in a variety of ways across the collection, so there are a variety of formats to pick from, including oils and capsules, tea bags, foot creams, and beauty items such as serums and creams. Because CBD is also a potent antioxidant, it's a popular addition to many beauty regimens.

We were able to discover that the Jacob Hooy CBD Oil products provide added value in the following areas, in addition to the lab findings:

  • Hemp that has been farmed organically.
  • The Dutch royal household endorses this well-known and well-respected brand.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food safety laws are followed by the FDA in the United States.
  • Working on getting ISO 22000 accreditation.
  • At $70.99 per 10ml bottle with 5% CBD, it's a good value in the mid-market.
  • Good for vegans and vegetarians
  • Based on consumer feedback from Holland & Barrett, the overall rating is 3.8/5.


Is Holland & Barrett Available in Canada?

Holland & Barrett is an exceptional resource for anything CBD if you live in the United Kingdom or any of the other 1,600 countries where their stores are located. Unfortunately, Holland & Barrett is not currently available in Canada.

Birch + Fog is a Canadian based CBD company that is similar to Holland & Barrett as it is also leading the way with regards to quality, potency, and transparency.

When it comes to hemp source, extraction procedures, supply networks, and sustainability measures, Birch + Fog has outperformed the competition. Their CBD natural health products  contain only natural non-toxic ingredients, without any unnecessary ingredients or fillers. Birch + Fog products are third-party verified to be safe, effective, potent, and dependable. Every single one of their items is backed by a dose/quality guarantee.

If you’re looking for a specific Holland & Barrett product but it is not available where you live, Birch + Fog has you covered. Here, we’ll outline a few of Holland & Barrett’s most popular products and provide you with a Birch + Fog product that meets and often exceeds expectations.


1 1: 1 Pain Relief Stick | Birch + Fog

One of Holland & Barret’s top rated products is their CBD Muscle Balm. This 100% natural and vegan CBD for pain balm features a soothing blend that helps relieve and calm tired muscles. During massage, the slightly warming feeling can assist with circulation, allowing your muscles to relax. The lightweight, non-greasy solution soothes and nourishes the skin.

In comparison, Birch + Fog’s 1:1 Pain Relief Stick is a ratio product, meaning it contains both CBD and THC (125mg of each), creating the entourage effect for optimal healing. This product is an intense analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory that comes in 2 variations: deep heat spicy mint and ice cool peppermint. Featuring essential oils and antioxidants, this stick helps soothe aches, pains, inflammation, sprains, and more.

Both CBD oil products are wax-based topicals that relieve and calm tired muscles. Birch + Fog’s deep heat spicy mint contains capsicum, just as Holland & Barrett’s product. However, Birch + Fog has gone the extra mile with the addition of THC for the entourage effect. They have also added the ice cool peppermint option that can also be used to help relieve chest congestion when applied to the chest/throat area.

Both products come in around the same price with Holland & Barrett’s CBD Muscle Balm being $42 and Birch + Fog’s Pain Relief Stick being $44.


  • Contains capsicum for a gentle heat
  • Wax based
  • CBD for pain relief
  • Price


  • Birch + Fog is a ratio product (contains THC)
  • Birch + Fog is also anti-inflammatory
  • Birch + Fog has a ice cool peppermint option that can be used to help relieve congestion
  • Ingredients


2 CBD Isolate Tincture-Daytime | Birch + Fog

Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 5% is a vegan CBD tincture that is produced with only top quality raw materials. It is non-psychoactive and the content of the THC is tested on every batch to verify that it meets requirements of less than 0.05%. Ingredients include: hemp oil, hemp paste (leaf), and sunflower lecithin (emulsifier). Available in two strengths (5% and 2.75%) and two sizes (10ml and 30ml), this product is also offered on subscription with free delivery and the 5th order free.

In comparison, Birch + Fog’s Isolate CBD Tincture in Daytime contains all natural hemp-derived and CO2 extracted CBD, without the presence of THC. Ingredients include MCT oil (naturally extracted from coconut oil) and CBD oil. This is an ideal CBD for anxiety, depression, pain, and even insomnia.

Birch + Fog adheres to the industry's highest quality standards, which are audited on a regular basis to ensure proper dose and a positive customer experience. This CBD natural health product  is available in 500mg, 1,000mg, and 1,500mg bottles, as well as on subscription. Birch + Fog has free delivery over $125 in Canada.



  • CBD for anxiety (no THC) and non-psychoactive
  • Made with highest quality standards in place and tested on a regular basis
  • Available in different strengths/sizes
  • Available on subscription


  • Birch + Fog is CO2 extracted
  • Ingredients
  • Holland & Barrett has free delivery and 5th order free


3 NATURAL CBD Capsules | Birch + Fog

Jacob Hooy CBD Capsules contain 10mg of 100% natural CBD oil per capsule. Produced with care and top quality ingredients, this CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. These capsules are non-psychoactive and the THC content is tested on every batch to meet requirements of less than 0.05%. Ingredients include: hemp seed oil and hemp seed paste (leaf and flower), making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This product is available in various strengths and size bottles.

Birch + Fog’s Natural CBD Capsules contain 25mg CBD per capsule and are full-spectrum, meaning a small percentage of THC is present to create the entourage effect. MCT oil is combined with full-spectrum CBD for sleep, pain, anxiety, and to act as a natural anti-inflammatory for healing. Ingredients include: MCT oil (naturally extracted from coconut oil), glycerin, purified water, gelatin, and high-quality extracted cannabis oil.

Both CBD oil products come in capsule form, however Birch + Fog is full-spectrum CBD oil. Jacob Hooy capsules contain 10mg of CBD, whereas Birch + Fog capsules contain 25mg.



  • Capsule form
  • CBD for sleep, pain, anxiety, and depression
  • Made with highest quality standards in place and tested on a regular basis


  • Birch + Fog is full-spectrum CBD (entourage effect)
  • Dose of CBD per capsule
  • Ingredients



Holland & Barrett is a well-known and trusted company that has been in business for over 145 years. Their CBD oil products are 100% natural and are produced with only top-quality ingredients.

Birch + Fog has emerged in Canada with corresponding values with regards to quality, potency, and transparency. When selecting CBD oil products for Birch + Fog's online store, we adhere to high quality standards and never stock a CBD natural health product without publicly available lab tests. Whether you are seeking a CBD for sleep, pain, anxiety, or depression, you should feel confident that Birch + Fog's online store has the perfect product for you.

We are certain that after analyzing the third-party analysis of Holland & Barrett's Jacob Hooy CBD Oil, we can grant it the Birch + Fog's seal of approval.


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