CBD has become extremely popular in the health and wellness industry, and for good reason. But just because scientists have discovered that CBD has a wide range of medical properties doesn't mean that all CBD products are the same. Let's chat about it once you've looked over our selection of high-quality and effective CBD products. We at Birch + Fog know better than anyone that each and every consumer is unique.

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We have gathered such a wide collection of unique CBD products. In our collection, you’ll find 100% natural CBD oils, edibles, topicals, tinctures, sprays and even CBD dog treats! We’ve worked hard to make sure that we really do have something for everyone and every budget too! We pledge to offer you not only the best CBD products that money can buy, but also the facts about what CBD can and can’t do for you, so that you can make informed choices that put your health and wellness firmly back in your hands.
thc edibles pride box setthc edibles pride box set

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January 29, 2021
Luxury Vape Pen (Vista Series) - VESSEL

The NEW Vista Series Luxury Vape Pen Battery is here! Sleek, elegant and even more powerful than its predecessor. The Vista debuts with a number of design elements that you’ve come to expect from Vessel and is powered by a larger premium-grade battery. It features a uniquely designed, sweeping collar that not only provides the necessary protection for your cartridge but essential visibility to what’s inside. Choose from a series of stylish colours, luxurious aesthetic, and delicate design with robust engineering to handle daily use.

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January 29, 2021
Luxury Vape Pen (Flagship Series) - VESSEL

Performance, convenience, style. We've partnered with our friends at Vessel to bring this exclusive Luxury vape pen to Canada just for you. Vessel's advanced technology kicks your vaping experience to the next level -- The new release features a wider transition module to accommodate wider/larger cartridges. The 4-power setting allows you to take control of your air intake, while the Magnetic Charger goes on easy and conducts a lasting charge. LED indicator lights guide you through power, battery and charging status, and the auto-shutdown function allows you to preserve life and experience more moments of bliss.

Choose from 3 colours / woodgrains.

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April 15, 2020
Vape Pen Case - Vessel

It's important to keep your vape clean and protected to ensure it lasts! Introducing the ROVER Vape Pen Case – organize and carry your Vessel Experience in protective style. Designed to protect 2 batteries and 2 cartridges, the case includes a versatile accessory pouch with integrated bands to keep everything in place. The Rover Case has a concealed zipper design and a molded EVA with a durable polyester outer layer for ultimate protection.

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