CBD Prerolls - ALOHA

$ 25.00

Aloha CBD Prerolls are back and bette than ever! Every Pre-Roll is made with the trusted and true High-CBD strain Charlotte’s Web. This strain contains nearly zero THC but is loaded with CBD to meet your medical and relaxation needs. The smooth and full smoke will not get you high, but it will help you reach a state of calm and ease morning, noon, or night.

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ALOHA Leisure Corporation is Canada's premiere provider of the highest quality mind bending and relaxation products. ALOHA CBD Pre-Rolls are filled with near ZERO THC Charlotte's Web. These unpretentious joints are perfect for the "on-the-go" smoker, as each individual pre-roll contains 0.3 grams of premium cannabis. Each 5 pack of ALOHA's contains 1.5 grams total.

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